A: Core Documents

Documents Presented at 2015 CPO PI and also relevant to 2018 CPO PI
CD1        Cabinet Report & Minutes (agenda item 17) 18 March 2014 (re making of CPO)
CD1A     Order, Schedule and Map
CD2        Aylesbury Area Action Plan (AAAP)
CD3        Aylesbury Area Action Plan Inspector’s Report 12 November 2009
CD4        Redacted Development Partnership Agreement (DPA)
CD5        Location Plan 
CD5A     Land Registry Plan showing open space land
CD6        Advert placed in Official Journal of the European Union
CD7        Cabinet Report & Minutes (agenda item 9) 28 January 2014 (selection of development partner)
CD8        Executive Report & Minutes (agenda item 7) 27 September 2005 (Aylesbury Estate revised strategy)
CD9        Greater London Authority Press release
CD10      Executive Report & Minutes (agenda item 15) 9 February 2010 (Aylesbury Estate Phase 1 CPOs)
CD11      Site 7 Order, Compulsory Purchase Order Inspector’s Report and Decision Letter
CD12      Statement of Community Involvement
CD13      Executive Report & Minutes (agenda item 15) 26 September 2006 Rehousing of tenants and homeowners
CD14      Cabinet Report & Minutes (agenda item 9) 14 December 2010 Amending the rehousing policy
CD15      Cabinet Report & Minutes (agenda item 16) 18 March 2014 Shared equity
CD16      Homeowners guide
CD17      Map showing location of NHHT Edmund Street (“Camberwell Fields”) housing sites
CD18      Council Tenants’ Guide
CD19      Planning Application – Design & Access Statement plus Addendum
CD20      Adopted Policies Map
CD21      Core Strategy 2011
CD22      London Plan (2011 and 2013)
CD23      Southwark Plan 2007 – saved policies
CD24      Southwark Residential Design Standards SPD 2011
CD25      2004 Conisbee Report 
CD26      Paul Palley response
CD27      Council’s Statement of Reasons
CD28      Council’s Statement of Case (2014)
CD29      Proofs of evidence from Inquiry into the London Borough of Southwark (Aylesbury Estate Wolverton 1-59)(No. 2) Compulsory Purchase Order 2012 (Site 7)
CD30      Circular 06/2004 – Compulsory Purchase and the Crichel Down Rules
CD31      Development Partnership Agreement – Business Plan (extracts)
CD32      Cabinet Report and Minutes (agenda item 12) – Aylesbury Regeneration Programme Update
CD33      National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012
CD34      National Planning Practice Guidance (extracts)
CD35      Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document 2011
CD36      Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy SPG 2013
CD37      Mayoral Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance 2012 (extracts)
CD38      The London Plan – The Spatial Development Strategy for London Consolidated with Alterations since 2011 - March 2015
CD39      Southwark Section 106 Planning Obligations/Community Infrastructure Levy Supplementary Planning Document 2015
CD40     Planning Application Drawings revised
CD41     Planning Application Environmental Statement plus Addendum Web Links
CD41a  Masterplan & First Development Site Application - Environmental Statement: ES Vol 1 
CD41b  Masterplan & First Development Site Application – Environmental Statement: ES Vol 2 Technical Appendices
CD41c    Masterplan & First Development Site Application – Environmental Statement ES Vol 3   
CD41d    Masterplan & First Development Site Application – Environmental Statement Addendum
CD41e    Masterplan & First Development Site Application – Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment Addendum
CD41f     Masterplan & First Development Site Application – Addendum to the Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement
CD42      Planning Application Landscape Statement plus Addendum
CD43      Planning Application – (outline scheme) Design and Access Statement plus Addendum
CD44      Planning Application – (outline scheme) Landscape Statement plus Addendum
CD45      Planning Application – Revised Affordable Housing Statement 
CD46      Planning Application – Planning Statement 
CD47      Southwark Statement of Community Involvement
CD48      Southwark’s Community Infrastructure Levy
CD49      Energy Strategy

Additional documents for 2018 CPO PI
Inspector’s Report January 2016
CD51      Decision Letter September 2016
CD52      Consent Order May 2017
CD53      Statement of Facts and Grounds 27 October 2016
CD54      Witness Statement of Neil Kirby 27 October 2016
CD55      Grounds of Defence:
               Defendant’s Summary Grounds of Defence 23 November 2016
               Interested Parties’ Summary Grounds of Defence (incorrectly dated ) 21 November 2017
               Defendant’s Detailed Grounds of Defence 21 February 2017

CD55A   The Honourable Mr Justice Dove Order 19 December 2016
CD56      Renewal Grounds 9 January 2017
CD57      The Honourable Mr Justice Collins Order 18 January 2017
CD58      CPO Guidance October 2015
CD59      Plan of Order Land showing current works, hoardings, layouts etc 
CD60      Cabinet Report and Minutes 8 December 2015 – Changes to financial offer to leaseholders
CD61      Chronology of decisions
CD62      Planning permissions 14/AP/3843 (FDS) and 14/AP/3844(Outline)
CD63      Planning officer’s reports dated 23 April 2015 and 30 July 2015
CD64      Section 106 Agreement for the Scheme (5 August 2015)
CD65      Deed of clarification to s106 Agreement (14 October 2015)
CD66      Cabinet report and Supplemental Report  and minutes 20 September 2016 (programme update)
CD67      Cabinet report and Supplemental Report  and minutes 9 May 2017 (further update)
CD68      DPA (redacted as at June 2017)
CD68A   Development Partnership Agreement (redacted as at August 2017)
CD69      Summary of effect of variations to DPA
CD70      New Southwark Plan – Preferred Option February 2017 (extract)
CD71      London Plan 2016
CD72      Section 226 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)
CD73      DCLG Estate Regeneration National Strategy 8 December 2016
CD74      Mayor of London – Homes for Londoners – Draft Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration December 2016
CD75      Mayor of London - Homes for Londoners – Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance August 2017
CD76      Mayor of London - Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance March 2016
CD77      Planning officer’s report dated 23 April 2015 (Outline)
CD78      Supporting Statement October 2017 – Section 73 application 17/AP/3885
CD79      Council’s Updated statement of case (June 2017)
CD80      Cabinet report and minutes re CPO for Ellison House replacement site and Plot 18 (Northchurch site) 31 October 2017
CD81      Cabinet report and minutes re adoption of AAAP 15 December 2009
CD82      Cabinet report and minutes re Consent Order and revised statement of case (20 June 2017)
CD83      Council’s Updated Statement of Case (November 2017)
CD84      New Draft London Plan (December 2017) (extracts)
CD85      New Southwark Plan – proposed submission version Part 1
               New Southwark Plan - proposed submission version Part 2
CD86      Fixing our broken housing market” – white paper February 2017
CD87      Planning Committee report, minutes and planning permission re Plot 18 6 December 2016
CD88      Planning Committee report, minutes and planning permission re Ellison House replacement site 28 March 2017
CD89      Mayor of London – Homes for Londoners – Affordable Homes Programme 2016-2021 Funding Guidance November 2016
CD90      West Hendon CPO – Inspector’s Report
CD91      West Hendon CPO – Secretary of State’s Decision Letter
CD92      Demolition and retention paper (background document to AAAP)
CD93      Consultation report (background document to AAAP) (extracts)
CD94      Sustainability Appraisal (background document to AAAP) (extracts)
CD95      Residential Design Standards SPD (2011 with 2015 technical update)
CD96      Better Homes for Local People
CD96A   Consultation Paper - Proposed new funding condition to require ballots in estate regeneration
CD97      Guidance on Compulsory Purchase Process and The Crichel Down Rules

Core Documents Submitted by Objectors
Ms Judi Bos
Whole of the stage E report, including the March 2005 structural report and the Frost associates costings for the refurbishment of the estate
Planning Documents including planning meeting agenda and decision for applications:
JB/CD2     04/CO/0114 Conversion of one of the existing garages into a new entrance and hallway for the maisonette above
JB/CD3     04/CO/0152 Chiltern refurbishment
JB/CD4     05/CO/0161 Open land east of Red Lion Row and north of Boyson Road & Aylesbury Day Centre 2 Bradenham Close SE17 2QB
JB/CD5     07/CO/0046 Phase 1a - document in two parts - Part 1 and Part 2
JB/CD6     07/CO/0044 | Formation of new childrens play area
JB/CD7     09/AP/0565 Condition 10 removal
JB/CD8     16/AP/2800 Planning Committee Report 6th December 2016
JB/CD9     17/AP/3885 Supporting statement prepared by GL Hearn
JB/CD10    The Homeowners' Guide 29th August 2006 with facts for homeowners
JB/CD11    Homeowner toolkit 2006
Resources Scrutiny Sub Committee meetings
JB/CD12    9th March 2006 minutes, Decant Report
JB/CD13    14th October 2004 minutes
Executive meetings
JB/CD14    5th April 2005 Item 13 Leaseholders: Major Works, Communications and Independent Advice
JB/CD15    5th April 2005 Item 14 Update on Buying Back Ex- Council Flats and Houses, including 2nd March 2004
JB/CD16    5th April 2005 Item 16 Housing Option Appraisal Process Report
JB/CD17    26th June 2006 Item 8 regeneration Policy and Practice Report
JB/CD18    26th June 2006 Item 19 Major Works Issues for Tenants and leaseholders
JB/CD19    12th July 2005 Item 7 Procurement Strategy Approval (Day Centre) Report
JB/CD20    14th March 2006 Item 13 Aylesbury Estate Regeneration Progress Report and appendices
JB/CD21    28th November 2006 Item 12 Procurement Strategy Report 1a
JB/CD22    26th September 2006 Item 8 deputation from Aylesbury Decant Sub Group
JB/CD23    14th Dec 2010, Item 8 Aylesbury PFI Housing Project – Outline Business Case
JB/CD24    see CD66 above
Major Projects Board
JB/CD25    14th June 2007 Item 8, Establishment of the Aylesbury Trust
JB/CD26    29th Oct 08-Early Purchase of owner Occupied Properties for Hardship Reasons
JB/CD27    15th Jan 09- Purchase of Non-Council Owned Residential Properties
JB/CD28    27th Jan 09 Item 4, NDC Implementation Collaboration Agreement
JB/CD29    Forward Plans for each committee that were due to go in front of the executive between September 2004 and September 2006
JB/CD30    Neil Kirby’s original POE from March 2015
JB/CD31    Mark Maginn’s original POE from March 2015
JB/CD32    Representation 465, 17th April 2009 Test for soundness, deliverability and viability of the AAAP and its budget
JB/CD33    Demolition Notice 2006 for 1a/1b/1c (March 31st)
JB/CD34    Photographs of show flat (2007)
JB/CD35    27 March 2008 Major Projects Board report re NDC funding
JB/CD36    27 January 2009 Major Projects Board report re NDC funding
JB/CD37    Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision –Joshua
JB/CD38    Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) decision – John
JB/CD39    Council’s objection Statement from 2015 Inquiry
JB/CD40    14/AP/3844 plots and sub plots plan
JB/CD41    14/AP/3844 demolition stages plan
JB/CD42    FDS Name of owner for Certificate  of ownership – Certificate B
JB/CD43    Executive October 20 2009, Aylesbury Regeneration – Phase 1, Agenda Item 12
JB/CD44    7th June 2016, Cabinet meeting, item 11, Aylesbury Estate Regeneration- Phase 2
JB/CD45    Cabinet 18th November 2014, item 8, Update on Consultation and Plans for the Delivery of 11,000 New Homes
JB/CD46    Minutes from 21st May 2017 Cabinet
JB/CD47    Judi Bos - Submitted documents to last Inquiry
Aylesbury Leaseholder Action Group
    The WSP supporting statement for planning application 17/AP/3885
ALAG/CD2    Internal sunlight and daylight assessment (addendum - 17/AP/3885)
ALAG/CD3    London Housing Strategy - DRAFT September 2017
ALAG/CD4    Extracts - (BRE) Guide ‘Site Layout Planning for Sunlight and Daylight: A Guide to Good Practice’ by P J Littlefair (2nd edition - 2011). (BR209)
ALAG/CD5    Extracts - BS8206-2: 2008 Lighting for buildings – Part 2: Code of practice for daylighting

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