B: Other 2015 CPO PI Documents

LB Southwark
MISC/LBS/1 Council's Statement of Case 28 October 2014
MISC/LBS/2 Council's Objection Statement 24 April 2015
MISC/LBS/3 Council's Statement of Case updated 22 September 2015 (with certain attachments)
      MISC/LBS/3a Attachment US1 - table of redactions
      MISC/LBS/3b Attachment US3 - summary of deed of variation dated 10-08-15
      MISC/LBS/3c Attachment US4 - chronology of decisions referred to
      MISC/LBS/3d Attachment US5 - legible table (now part of JBCD1)
      MISC/LBS/3e Attachment US6 - comparative table of reports on costings
      MISC/LBS/3f Attachment US8 - letter from Council Leader to Sec of State for Justice
      MISC/LBS/3g Attachment US9 - letter from Sec of State for Justice to Council Leader

Council's Proofs of Evidence
      MISC/LBS/4a - not used
      MISC/LBS/4b Jacqueline Fearon 30 March 2015
      MISC/LBS/4c Mark Maginn 30 March 2015
      MISC/LBS/4d Rosemary Houseman 30 March 2015
      MISC/LBS/4e Catherine Bates 31 March 2015
      MISC/LBS/4f Neil Kirby 31 March 2015
      MISC/LBS/4g Alison Squires 1 April 2015

MISC/LBS/4h Council Rebttal Statement 9 October 2015
      MISC/LBS/4i Appendix RS1 - Notting Hill financial statements
      MISC/LBS/4j Appendix RS2 - AAAP sustainability appraisal May 2009
      MISC/LBS/4k Appendix RS3 - AAAP equalities impact assessment January 2009

MISC/OBJ/1 Aylesbury Leaseholders Group Statement of Case
MISC/OBJ/2 Witness Statement Beverley Robinson
MISC/OBJ/3 Witness Statement Judi Bos
MISC/OBJ/4 Witness Statement Jazmine Bos
MISC/OBJ/5 Witness Statement Gillian Mutch
MISC/OBJ/6 Witness Statement Catherine Crawford
MISC/OBJ/7 Witness Statement Prof. Jane Rendell
MISC/OBJ/8 Witness Statement Julius Sangbey
MISC/OBJ/9 Witness Statement Sangu Agnes Kabuto
MISC/OBJ/10 Witness Statement Victoria Briden
MISC/OBJ/11 Letter of objection on behalf of the Aylesbury Leaseholders’ Action Group dated 3 July 2014
MISC/OBJ/12 Letter of objection from Richard John Clarke on behalf of Ms Judi Bos (& possibly Mr Boris Bos) dated 1 August 2014
MISC/OBJ/13 Undated letter of objection from Mr Paul Palley
MISC/OBJ/14 Letter of objection from Ms Rita Eneuchie dated 15 August 2014

Inquiry Documents (using 2015 Public Inquiry ID numbers)
MISC/ID1         List of Acquiring Authority Witnesses
MISC/ID2         Witness statement from Mr & Mrs Sisman
MISC/ID3         Witness statement submitted by Julius Sangbey
MISC/ID4         Aylesbury Leaseholders Group Deputation to Cabinet (Nov 2014) submitted by      Qualifying Objectors
MISC/ID5         Corrections and Updates Submitted by the Council
MISC/ID6         Appendices to Objectors’ statement
MISC/ID7         Local Planning Authority Opening Submissions
MISC/ID8         Mr Palley’s Statement (most recent version)
MISC/ID9         not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID10       List of Rosemary Houseman’s Appendices submitted by the Council
MISC/ID11       Email dated 25 April 2015 from Beverley Robinson
MISC/ID12       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID13       Formalities bundle submitted by the Council
MISC/ID14       Opening submissions on behalf of Objectors submitted by Rastko Novakovic
MISC/ID15       Dr Ben Campkin's Proof of Evidence, 28 April 2015
MISC/ID16       Draft Minutes Planning Committee 23 April 2015 submitted by the Council
MISC/ID17       Existing and proposed housing numbers submitted by the Council
MISC/ID18       Extract from Design and Access Statement in respect of Plot 7 submitted by the Council
MISC/ID19       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID20       Email dated 28 April 2015 from Patrick McGreal submitted by the Council
MISC/ID21       Witness statement Professor Loretta Lees
MISC/ID22       Levitt Bernstein Report (2005) Executive summary submitted by the Council
MISC/ID23       Robustness considerations to inform Risk Assessments (2005) submitted by the Council
MISC/ID24       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID25       Letter dated 15 July 2014 in response to inquiries from Gillian Mutch submitted by the Council
MISC/ID26       Table comparing floorspace standards with DCLG space standards submitted by the Council
MISC/ID27       Letter dated 13 February 2015 to Richard John Clarke Chartered Surveyors submitted by Judi Bos
MISC/ID28       Deputation request from Aylesbury Decant Sub-Group Committee report (Sept 2006) submitted by Judi Bos
MISC/ID29       Statement from Joy Nyack-Binns
MISC/ID30       Note on Affordable Rent submitted by the Council
MISC/ID31       Skeletal Submission on behalf of Aylesbury Leaseholders Group submitted by Toby Eckersley
MISC/ID32       Section 106 procedure note submitted by the Council
MISC/ID33       Objectors’ reply to Southwark Note: Affordable Rent submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID34       Letter dated 1 May 2015 and draft memorandum of understanding re Ellison House submitted by the Council
MISC/ID35       Deed of release of restrictive covenant between Southwark and Bromley submitted by the Council 
MISC/ID36       Written submissions by Piers Corbyn
MISC/ID37       Gerlinde Gniewosz Submissions
MISC/ID38       Table 10 Conisbee Report submitted by the Council
MISC/ID39       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID40       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID41       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID42       Further statement dated 11 May 2015 plus homebuyers feedback questionnaire submitted by Judi Bos
MISC/ID43       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID44       Plan showing outline and FDS areas submitted by the Council
MISC/ID45       Missing page (9 of 49) from the July Affordable Rent Study submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID46       Notting Hill Housing Trust - Revised Affordable Housing Statement February 2015 submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID47       Notting Hill Housing Trust table of anticipated rents submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID48       Levitt Bernstein report submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID49       Frost Associates report submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID50       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID51       Judi Bos Reponse to the Council's Rebuttal submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID52       Islington LBC Report on Churnfield House/Six Acres Estate submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID53       R (oao Baker) v First Secretary of State [2003] EWHC 2511 (Admin) submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID54       Eckersley v Secretary of State for the Environment and another (1977) 34 P&CR 12 submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID55       Index of appendices to Council’s update statement submitted by the Council
MISC/ID56       Index of appendices to Council’s rebuttal statement submitted by the Council
MISC/ID57       Objectors’ closing statement submitted by the Objectors
MISC/ID58       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID59       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID60       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID61       not brought forward to 2018 Public Inquiry
MISC/ID62       Deed of Clarification dated 14 October 2015 made between The Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Southwark and Notting Hill Housing Trust submitted by the Council
MISC/ID63       Further note from Judi Bos submitted by Objectors
MISC/ID64       Council’s closing submissions
MISC/ID65       Council’s legal submissions note

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